Who We Are

Freedom Hemp Co is a family-run business.  Yes, some of us are actually family, but more than that the whole team is a close-knit crew.  Being a family is so important to us, which also extends to our partner farms. We build cooperative win-win scenarios with all those with whom we work and help within the hemp industry.

The genesis of Freedom Hemp Co is a friendship between Brian Smalley and Brian Peavey.  We both, as well as the rest of the family, have a strong passion for hemp and CBD and their healing benefits.  Together, we knew we could reach and impact more people faster if we all worked together.

Brian Smalley has spent years perfecting the process of growing, cultivating and extracting cannabis to create the purest, highest-quality CBD products out there. He has brought the knowledge of this to our team on the farm and he wants to share that with other farmers, so they can be successful as well.

We hope you’ll join our family and be a part of the fun and rewarding journey with us!

tractor on Freedom Hemp Co Farm

What We Do

Freedom Hemp Co at its roots is a family-run hemp farm.  We pride ourselves on growing the highest quality hemp possible. 

Our journey began on a 70-acre farm located in Culver, Oregon.  The location was chosen based on the ideal climate, soils and growing season in Central Oregon.  We wanted to ensure optimal yields while working with local farmers who were already open to using natural fertilizers and pest control measures.

On site is an Oregon Department of Agriculture approved food-grade processing facility we use for extraction and creation of our CBD line, Freedom CBD.  In collaboration with industry leaders, we installed state of the art extraction equipment and optimal lab conditions to ensure a high quality, consistent product.  While we do employ a medium scale extraction unit and can process hundreds of tons of biomass per year, our focus is on helping smaller scale farmers to increase their crop earnings.

Throughout the year Freedom Hemp Co offers a variety of services to support other farms which include:

  • Seed sales
  • Extraction
  • Custom tolling
  • Harvesting support
  • Training and education

We look forward to supporting you in any and all of your hemp needs.

Educational Resources

Hemp 101

Hemp 101

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Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp vs Marijuana

There is a lot of news out there about hemp and marijuana, it can be confusing to keep it all straight, especially when it comes to what is legal and what isn’t. At Freedom Hemp Co we grow hemp exclusively. We’ll break it down for you! What is Cannabis? Cannabis is a...

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