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Our Philosophy

To produce the highest quality hemp biomass and genetics each day for our customers, utilizing organic, sustainable, innovative farming practices as the leading recognized experts in the field and to passionately contribute as an educational and partnering resource for the betterment of the farming community while striving to produce CBD oil on a mass level, making societal costs affordable to those in need.

The Team

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Brian Smalley

Creative & Technical Director 

Brian Smalley, entered the cannabis/hemp industry in the mid 1990’s. He studied botany and spent years traveling the world, expanding his knowledge in breeding & genetics before settling down in the greater Portland area. For nearly a decade he split his career between the corporate world & the cannabis industry. In 2006, Brian followed his calling, leaving corporate America and solely returned to the industry for good. With the growing acceptance & demand of cannabis hemp products worldwide, Brian found his niche redirecting his primary focus to hemp. 
He has created several companies within the hemp industry, including the Green Oil Machine which is a home based oil extraction product that he sells world wide.  He retains deep roots within the industry and has developed a network of sales avenues and contacts.  He also provided an extensive catalog of hemp genetics that are the building blocks for our genetic programs.  
He’s become a pioneer in hemp genetics, developing extraction methods, teaching those who aspire to be like him & ultimately improving the lives of many. His reach and abilities are endless; while the farming & processing friendships he’s made over the years are the foundation of our company.

Brian Peavey

Managing Director 

Brian Peavey’s 25 year professional background is mainly in real estate development in Idaho and he has successfully managed several start-up companies in various industries. He holds a B.S. in Business Economics and an M.B.A. in Project Management.  He is the Managing Director for Freedom Hemp Co and primarily tasked with forecasting, project management, contract negotiations, strategic planning, investor relations, cash flow analysis, sequencing and visioning.  Brian and his wife Elisa live in Bend, Oregon and he enjoys rafting, skiing, hiking, playing basketball and watching his three little girls grow up to be strong, independent women.
“The vision I had when I helped start this company was to provide a family centric environment where we could all enjoy what we love to do, while at the same time providing high-quality products to the benefit of others.  We all take great pride in being the best we can and helping others to do the same.”
Ryan Sanford

Ryan Sanford

Project Analyst

Ryan Atagi

Ryan Atagi

Harvesting Solutions Liaison

Doug Mairs

Doug Mairs

Farm Laborer 2

Tyson Mairs

Tyson Mairs

Farm Laborer 1

Harvesting Solutions

We love to take our big red beast of a combine out to other farms to help with harvesting. . 


Our custom combine has the ability to harvest 1 acre in an hour’s time.  It separates the stalks from the seeds and flower allowing us to collect pure biomass which is then ready for extraction in the Lab. We plan to attain more combines to further help with harvesting other farmers hemp so they too can have a successful end of season crop.


We have an ODA certified food-grade processing lab on-site at our Culver farm.  Using state of the art equipment, we take the purity of our product from seed to extraction. Our hemp genetics and agricultural methods produce one of a kind cannabinoids and terpenes that stimulate and rejuvenate the endocannabinoid system of the body. 

Partner Farms

We are looking to partner with other farmers who are interested in joining the Hemp industry. This industry can be rather costly to start up and therefore we would like to extend a welcoming hand to those who need help in getting up and going. We produce quality seed genetics so our partner farms working to cultivate their crop can produce a high valued crop to be processed.


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