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Freedom Hemp Co. provides a complete protocol for partner farms where we will train and establish written guidelines for the cultivation of growing and harvesting hemp. We will provide hands on training where it is needed. We provide a stress-free process for you and will work side by side to ensure your success!

What is Hemp?

The 2014 Federal Farm Bill allowed hemp research pursuant to Section 7606 as well as the cultivation of the plant. Recently however the 2018 Farm Bill was just signed by President Donald Trump on the 21st of December, legalizing industrial hemp in all 50 states!

Hemp is a sativa and comes from a variety of the cannabis species. The plant produces compounds and terpenes, such as CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBC, etc. Unlike marijuana, hemp is low in THC and high in CBD and therefore won’t get you “high”.  It originates from the Northern Hemisphere and has many uses other than making oil (however that is the main priority here at Freedom Hemp Co.), it actually shows to have over 50,000 different uses that we know of to date! The fiber it produces can be used in an array of products such as foods, construction material, biofuels, plastics (biodegradable) and so much more. [1] Hemp produces more paper at a much faster rate than trees, will last far longer and help save our forests. It is also currently used in the production of cars. [2]

The constitution of the United States of America was written on hemp paper! [3] George Washington was a huge advocate for the growing of hemp and we are following in those footsteps advocating for hemp now!

The differences between the kind of hemp we grow and marijuana can be noticed in the plants different levels of compounds and its uses.

Marijuana is frequently grown for its flowering parts that contain those high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but the focus of cultivating hemp, also grown for its flowering parts, is due to the high levels of CBD with low levels of THC and is commonly harvested for extraction in creating CBD oils, however, many other purposes can be put to use with hemp as listed above.

It is important to note that CBD oil can be made from either marijuana or hemp, but the levels of THC and CBD will differ depending on the plant from which it is derived.  Many people choose to use hemp based CBD oil because it does not produce the “high” that marijuana does, which for many is unwanted. 


Educational Resources

Hemp 101

Hemp 101

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Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp vs Marijuana

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