Our Process

Freedom Hemp Co. is unique in that we provide genetics, farming experience, harvesting solutions and a food-grade processing lab for extraction with over 20 years of experience to back it up.

As a family farm we enter the hemp industry with superior genetics, the greenhouses to use these genetics and produce mass quantities of feminized seeds, while furthering our quality of strains and creating new ones in the process, land to cultivate and the expertise to grow our hemp from the ground up where we then have a customized combine, we refer to as the “Big Red Beast”, which separates the flower and seeds from the stock, is then taken to our food grade processing lab where extraction begins and the end result becomes pure high quality CBD oil to be packaged and shipped to those in need.

We test consistently throughout every process starting in the fields all the way to the extraction process in the lab to make sure standard guidelines are met for staying below 0.3% THC.


Taking the time, we have developed and implemented a structured protocol for cultivating our hemp as well as sharing this process with partner farms so they can be successful too.

Using our high-quality seed genetics to develop starts in our greenhouses, working the land diligently ahead of time prior to planting followed by applying appropriate organic nutrients and water as needed throughout the season (allways keeping a close eye on our crops to ensure they are coming along with no nutrient deficiencies or other damaging effects such as weeds, possible pests or diseases), takes constant attention, and we at Freedom Hemp Co. pay close attention always to be certain we grow the best crop each and every season.


The family of us at Freedom Hemp Co. come from a background dedicated to being organic farmers because we did our research a long time ago and grasped the understanding of harmful side effects which can take place by using chemicals rather than what mother nature has always provided for our uses. She takes care of us and we take care of her. With our cultivation process we enable the plant to reveal its fantastic genomes which provides resistance to deleterious characteristics which creates an unnecessary need for pesticides, chemicals, or herbicides to our plants. There is no other way to farm in our opinion other than organic!


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