Our Seeds

Selecting and purchasing quality seeds is crucial to making sure your crop is profitable. Our high-quality feminized seeds, rich in CBD, provide tremendous success rates for growing a crop with THC levels that are less than 0.3% (required by federal laws) and is prosperous for you!

Brian Smalley has worked diligently over the last 20 years to produce the highest quality feminized CBD seeds out there! With his knowledge, we are eager to step into our greenhouses and get to work constructing large quantities of our finest seeds while furthering our superior genetics along the way. Our seeds are on the genetic forefront within the industry and provide exceptional terpenes and compound characteristics such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDv etc., all of which many people claim to have provided benefits to their health.

Acquire remarkable returns on your investment with CBD levels averaging in the 12-18% range! Each strain has been selected purposefully to allow for optimal growth of hemp crops to be harvested, extracted and to produce the purest quality CBD Oils. Be stress-free knowing that our distinguished quality control standards, pledge to excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction approach ensure you are investing in a product that meets or exceeds your needs.

Our seed genetics are a profound selection that we produce for farmers who want to grow a successful crop with excellent returns! We will legitimize our seeds with genetic testing to show our feminized seed ratio in comparison to male ratio, as well as our CBD percentile range. We provide lab tests to exhibit the value of the seeds and recommend customers to analyze ours in contrast to others so you know the quality we offer. We only invest our time creating seeds that help other farmers excel in their agricultural production of hemp by producing a highly valuable crop.

Available Varieties

We have now constructed two greenhouse for a total of 10,000 sf and throughout the next 5 months the magic of producing large quantities of our superb seed varieties, in high CBD and other advantageous compounds, will begin.



As of now we are in the finishing process of putting up our greenhouses where over the next 5 months the magic of producing large quantities of our finest seed varieties, in high CBD and other advantageous compounds will begin.


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